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Have You Ever Held a Mountain?

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In author John Maling’s mountaineering days, he would fantasize holding a mountain in his hand, one far off or one that he was about to climb. Reaching out in his mind was an exercise in fantasy but altered his perspective and consciousness profoundly
for the austere but strangely beautiful places he found himself, always with
companions of the same dedicated mindset.

With exhausting, sometimes tedious effort, hoping to find themselves eventually on a summit, with a sense of man-overcoming-nature accomplishment and with a spectacular view of the range.

Words alone cannot convey fully the experience of the mountain vista,
complex as it is with its many moods, brought on by kindred moods of weather
and light. My visual images are intended to enhance and complete the word
images of the poem.

Mountains have been symbols for us since our beginnings. Our
imagination has always given life to their presence among us. We name
them; feature them in our history and our lives; give them life as giant companions
here on earth.

Have You Ever Held a Mountain? has wond multiple book awards including the International Book Award and Best Book Award. Free on Kindle.

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