The Journey to Healing Starts with a Journal

In Beautifully Imperfect: Transform Your Relationships with Creative Journaling, author Crystal Garrett takes readers on a deeply personal journey of healing and transformation. Through her life experiences, extensive research on mental health topics, and a study of biblical scripture, Garrett found an approach to both improve her relationships and overcome the wounds of a difficult childhood. In her book she shares her approach which involves keeping a journal. The book begins with an honest a... [Read More...]

How to Talk to Anyone at Work by Carl Wolfe

How to Talk to Anyone at Work by Carl Wolfe sets out, if not to cure, then help us learn to live well with social anxiety and awkwardness in the 9-5. Each chapter explores specific concepts, like body language or the art of small talk, the lessons lightly worn. Wolfe’s gently conversational tone invites ease, not self-criticism, while the book’s structure builds to a holistic understanding of effective communication. How to t... [Read More...]

Dive into Self-Discovery

In a crowded genre, the self-help canon of Helen Mosimann-Kogan stands out, not only for its real-world grounding, but deep roots in a unique and intriguing family history. Kogan brings her experiences as the daughter of revered acting coach Sam Kogan as well as serious academic credentials. Learning’s worn lightly, in The Little Book of Self Inquiry: Ancient Keys for a Modern Age. Mosimann-Kogan takes a look at ‘ancient wisdom keys…from historic civilizations’, mining them for insight... [Read More...]

Ready to Awaken Your Life?

Julie Hoyle’s affirmative self-help trilogy, the Honoring Your Sacred Self series, guides readers on a progression of spiritual development. The books don’t need to be read in order, you can dip into them when the need for inspiration strikes. Hoyle’s work draws on ancient yogic texts and personal experiences to introduce and develop concepts like lucid dreaming, astral projection, and shamanic practice into an everyday spiritual framework. A Journey of Transformation As for many, Hoyle�... [Read More...]

Best Self-Help Books for Family Problems

No family is perfect; it’s normal for siblings to fight and parents to argue. It’s also not out-of-the-ordinary for parents and children to have conflicts. However, some households take drama to the next level or have toxic dynamics going on. Here are some of the best self-help books on Kindle to read when you’re trying to work through family problems and drama. Going Home without Going Crazy: How to Get Along with Your Parents & Family (Even When They Push Your Buttons) By Andrea Med... [Read More...]

We Are the Aliens: My Secret Poetry

We Are the Aliens finds indie poet Ronnell Beaty looking heavenward in both senses of the word. His collection of free verse poems maintains some elements of form, while remaining accessible to those nervous of poetry chapbooks. Preoccupied with celestial bodies and extraterrestrial life as a springboard to contemplate humanity’s place in a (Judeo-Christian) grand scheme, Beaty’s introduction makes a suitably bold promise. We Are the Aliens sets out to “..take your mind to places you ... [Read More...]

10 Hacks to Reduce Visceral Fat

Most American adults would like to lose a few pounds. According to data from Healthline, over two-thirds of adults in this country are overweight or obese. But most don’t know how to meaningfully change habits to lose fat, What is visceral fat? Visceral fat accumulates around the abdominal organs, which can cause a protruding belly or expanding waistline. Unlike subcutaneous fat, which sits just below the skin, visceral fat develops deep within the body and surrounds crucial organs. Having to... [Read More...]

Poems of Gratitude

The cycle of life is paradoxically both chaotic and predictable. Our day-to-day lives might be full of confusion, hurt, and frustration about the current state of the world, but on a deeper level, it’s easy to step back and notice how history tends to repeat itself. When writer and poet Ronnell Beaty noticed the cyclical nature of life and human habits, he brought up a thought-provoking question: what if we knew how things would end from the start? In his most recent collection What If You Kn... [Read More...]

Ayahuasca, Healing, and Meditation: A Transformational Memoir by Ol Serbon

Everyone struggles with managing their mental, physical, and spiritual health sometimes, but what do you do if you’re starting to lose hope? If you’ve been feeling lost or alone in your life recently, you might find some comfort from author Ol Serbon. Serbon talks about her awe-inspiring transformation from depression to a flourishing place of healing in her memoir, Conversations with Ayahuasca: The Last Resort. Read on for a brief summary of this inspirational book and discover where to pi... [Read More...]

Top 10 Self-Help Books on Happiness

The best advice we’ve ever seen about how to be happy is this: Tell yourself over and over throughout the day: “I am happy.” Eventually, you will start to realize that you can choose to be happy, and you will in turn start choosing it. If you need more advice on happiness, here are some how-to-be happy books for you to check out. Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? This book was written by Dr. Julie Smith to help those who feel lost, lonely, and are struggling with life. It is a g... [Read More...]