Free: Evil Within: The Apocalypse

Evil Within: The Apocalypse

Evil Within: The Apocalypse tells the story of the biblical end to this universe. Our end is not what most of us have learned by the masses. I take the reader on a journey discovering it is not God who actually pulls the destruct lever but it is his self-destruct code based on an ‘if we do this, then the system’s response will be that’ just like our computers are coded today.

I offer a timeline with the United States leading the globe in her destruction based on biblical texts. Our poor choices set off a series of supervolcanoes. In providing this data I looked to science, historical and current events, biblical prophecy, and a healthy dose of the Holy Spirit to come to these prophetic interpretations.

To complete this series keep an eye out for my other two books, Evil Within: Demons and Devils which covers some of my experiences with the demonic and how to overcome them. Again it is nothing like what I have seen in the Christian or witchcraft worlds. The other book, Evil Within: Apologetics is a more comprehensive approach to biblical apologetics where most authors focus on one aspect per book I cover many aspects in one book to provide the reader a more complete look at biblical truth. Free on Kindle.

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