Free: Discover Your Passion, Release Your Power: How To Fulfill Your Purpose In the Power of the Authentic Self (Authentic Self Series Book 2)

Discover Your Passion, Release Your Power: How To Fulfill Your Purpose In the Power of the Authentic Self (Authentic Self Series Book 2)
Unleash the POWER, SPARK, and DRIVE that is burning deep within you.

Imagine waking up in the morning and wanting to get out of bed so you can start your day. Picture yourself with the motivation and desire you have always wanted because you know that you are focused on activities and goals that bring joy and fulfillment to you and your whole family.

We know that 75 million people in this country, or half of the working population, would change jobs or careers in a heartbeat if given the choice.

We also know that more than 100 million American adults who describe themselves as Christian contend that despite their commitment to God they are still searching for clarity regarding their purpose in life.

In the second book of the Authentic Self series, Discover Your Passion, Release Your Power, Dr. Cavazos guides us onto the next leg of this exciting journey forward to our Authentic Self. In this book, you will,

1. Identify the qualities that define your unique passion
2. Unlock the power of self-motivation
3. Learn how to create value with your own personal drive to thrive
4. Unleash the energy of focus and determination to reach critical goals
5. Harness the skills of goal management for well-being, joy and fulfillment
6. Realize and materialize the value, protection and guidance that Passion and Purpose bring
7. Learn why millions of people abandon New Year’s resolutions within 6 weeks
8. Discover the 18 sources of physical and spiritual power available to each and every one of us

Drawing examples from inspiring leaders and people who have been successful in business, music, science, sports and the arts, Dr. Cavazos will help you examine your own life and experiences to enlighten you on this captivating and invigorating trek to releasing the spiritual and physical power that is bubbling within you, waiting to be released and unleashed.

There is an exciting, empowering, and spell-binding adventure waiting for you that will bring peace, joy, and a sense of fulfillment and well-being for you and your whole family. Stop waiting for your passion and purpose to shake and awaken you. Get your copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button. Discover Your Passion. Release Your Power. You won’t regret it. Free on Kindle.

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