How2Thrive in Personal Finance

How2Thrive in Personal Finance

I will not tell you how to spend your money and what to spend it on.

How much you spend on any particular item-that is your call. In this book I will help you zero in on your credit payments.

Paying interest on credit cards without paying on the principle is a cycle that will never end. You will be paying the company for about 35 years if you just pay the minimum payments. This is why I always say the banks are stealing your retirement money. That is money that could be going into your retirement instead of the bank’s coffers.

In this book you will learn:
– How to get smarter with your money.
– What you can do to protect yourself in any economy.
– How to build a successful financial plan.
– How to make the financial system work for you, instead of the banks.
– Practical, applicable knowledge of finance and economics.
– How to start your journey to financial success and freedom.
– Easy retirement planning.

If you use the techniques in this book you can pay your debt including your mortgage in 7-9 years. If you do not include a mortgage you can be debt-free in as little as 3 years. Let’s change it now. $5.99 on Kindle.

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