Decluttering Advice: Easy Ways to Reduce Stress and Declutter Your Home Like a Minimalist

Avoid a messy home and even messier thoughts with this book that will guide you through the journey of decluttering your home. Get authentic views, relatable advice, and have a fruitful and wholesome decluttering experience from an author that has been in a similar position as you before. Come home to a cleaner and happier home every day! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Practical Ikigai: A Guide for the Japanese Art of Unlocking Your Best Life, Relieving Anxiety, Ending the Struggle, and Discovering Your Happiness & Purpose

Ikigai is the ancient Japanese philosophy of living an intentional life with meaning, mission and fulfillment. Finding your Ikigai connects you to a deeper part of yourself and gives you the intrinsic motivation to align your lifestyle with the very things that energize you and make you feel happy to be alive! Practical Ikigai is a guide to better understanding your personal Ikigai and applying it to your daily life to awaken your sense of purpose. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Don’t Retire… Graduate!: Building a Path to Financial Freedom and Retirement at Any Age

Whether you’re 25, 45, or 65, planning for financial independence can feel daunting and unattainable. Planning for a successful future is a journey that begins right now and continues throughout your life. This book makes personal finance and security easy—no matter if you’re just beginning to invest money and get out of debt, or stand only a few years away from retirement Designed like a college curriculum (without the grades and homework), this guide offers a full syllabus of financial ... [Read More...]

If I Only Knew (Life Skills Not Taught In School)

If I Only Knew: Life Skills Not Taught In School There is a lot in life that isn’t taught in schools. Yes, we get our basic education in school, but what about life skills? Understanding how the real world works is a skill that needs to be learned in order to become a strong, well-functioning member of society. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Power of Crystals and Healing Stones: An Essential Guide to Witchcraft Therapy

Are you tired of languishing in emotional, spiritual, or physical pain? Have you tried countless other healing techniques, but to no avail? Do you finally want to say goodbye to negative feelings and negative physical effects and discover something that works for you? If so, then this book is for you! You see, healing through the power of crystals and stones does not have to be complicated or difficult. Even if you have tried this type of healing in the past, but it did not work. The truth is, ... [Read More...]

Secrets To Parenting Without Giving A F^ck

Are you tired of yelling, punishing, and reminding, yet experiencing no change in your child’s behavior? What if you could learn the transformative mindset that allows parents to get results without “fixing” their child’s bad behavior? In Secrets to Parenting Without Giving a F^ck, Sue Donnellan, parent mentor, author, mom of four (including triplets), and entrepreneur shares 20+ years of experience cultivating the effective thought process for successful parenting. She delivers a prove... [Read More...]

Help Me, I’m Stuck: Six proven methods to shift your mindset from self-sabotage to self-improvement

Do you want to change how you think about yourself but feel lost? In ‘Help Me, I’m Stuck’, you will find: 6 proven methods to turn your life around and bring a positive change. While it may seem so, it’s not the circumstances around you that control your outcome. Learn the secret to success in our book. Are you ready to take control of your life? ... [Read More...]

The Happiness Recipe

We are born to be happy. Somewhere along the way, our lives get cluttered. To find your recipe for happiness, you need to know what matters most to you; have strong beliefs to support taking the necessary next steps; and actually do the kinds of things you want to, while letting go of the rest. You also need to be willing to share your desires with the world—something that is often challenging. This is where The Happiness Recipe comes in. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]