Intermittent Fasting -The simplest guide to master all the secrets of fasting and losing weight

 Intermittent Fasting: The simplest guide to master all the secrets of fasting and losing weight with intermittent + alternate-day+ and extended fastingDo You Want To Lose Weight Easily And Live Healthy While Still Enjoying Your Favorite Food?

If you’re sick of complex diets, calorie counting and tasteless food without reaching your desired goals, there’s an option for you!

You should avoid dieting and only adopt INTERMITTENT FASTING, a groundbreaking weight loss program that will help you lose fat, cure your body and live healthy without giving up your favorite foods.

Intermittent fasting is taking over the world, and the explanation is obvious-it works.

Although diet experts have been suggesting that we have at least 5 meals a day for years, researchers have found that when you fly, something really interesting happens:

* Insulin levels drop significantly, which allows the body to burn fat
* Human Growth Hormone is growing, allowing you build more muscle and enabling the body to use fat cells for energy.
* Reduced inflammation of the body
* The level of hunger is significantly lower than eating regularly.
* You burn fat from your butt, thighs, face and hands on your autopilot (because your calorie intake is low!)

Moving into an intermittent fasting lifestyle doesn’t allow you to give up the food you enjoy or even consume less calories per meal!

In addition, the most widely practiced form of intermittent fasting requires those who practice it to miss breakfast before eating two meals later in the day. This form of lifestyle change is perfect for those who find themselves having trouble sticking with a rigid diet plan because it doesn’t take much of a transition to start seeing positive results, because opposed to being expected to transition it all at once.

Sneak Peak Of What You Will Learn:
* Introduction
* The Various Ways To Fast: Intermittent, Alternate-Day And Extended Fasting
* Who Can Benefit From Fasting And Who Wont
* What To Expect When Starting A Fast
* The Weight Loss Effects Of Fasting
And Many More…

So, what are you waiting for?

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