Bold, Brave & Brilliant: 12 Life Lessons to Cultivate Mental Strength and Emotional Resilience

Bold, Brave & Brilliant: 12 life lessons to cultivate mental strength and emotional resilience by Emma Loveday
BOLD, BRAVE & BRILLIANT is a motivational self-improvement guide helping you take control of your life from the inside, out. After reading BOLD, BRAVE & BRILLIANT you will:

1. Understand what makes you tick and transform yourself into a self-assured powerhouse: decisive, assertive, unstoppable and free from self-doubt.

2. Tackle the hard emotional graft that many try to avoid but where true improvement and progress is made.

3. Build the resilience to push on through the pain and struggle that causes you heartache. (Pain hurts… Struggle sucks… it’s time to make them work in your favour)

4. Cultivate the mental strength to push back against challenges and use them as an opportunity for you to grow. (You will learn to love challenge – it’s your greatest friend and ally) $0.99 on Kindle.

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