Winning the Battle Within

The biggest enemy you will ever face in life is your inner-me. The power of resilience within humans can transform an average person into a powerhouse. Yet, even in times of rapid disruptive change, there is no manual for building resilience; this book is that manual. Resilience left to individuals will only ever be built by people in the moments that require them to dig deep and find it. The real power in building resilience before we need it lies in what we can accomplish when times are tough. This book presents a simple framework for everyone to prepare for sustainable results in the face of rapid, disruption. The power for organizations lies in the act of methodically and collaboratively building a collective resilience framework to increase their ability to thrive in the face of complex challenges for which the answer, and often even the definition of the problem itself, may not be obvious. Building resilience involves intentional preparation to increase our ability to emerge from challenges better equipped to deal with them than we were in the past–a transformation into a stronger self. This book presents a simple framework that can be applied to both individuals and families; It’s proven and it works.

Written in our ‘pull no punches’ style, Resilience: It’s Not About Bouncing Back begins by explaining the case for resilience, how building it is not only possible but imperative for creating successful leaders and organizations in today’s rapidly changing world. The book goes on to present our proven, proprietary Resilience Framework drawing on real examples and pointed exercises to deliver a down-to-earth strategy for building resilient people. The result is a candid, insightful and easily absorbed template that helps people banish ‘change fatigue’ once and for all and instead be energized and elevated by disruption – one individual at a time. $3.99 on Kindle.

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