No Wedding For You!: A Modern Woman’s Guide to the Sorry State of Marriage Today

No Wedding For You!: A Modern Woman’s Guide to the Sorry State of Marriage Today
The Modern Woman’s Guide to the Sorry State of Marriage Today.

Did you know? “The State of matrimony is not just ailing. It is dying out faster than a mobile phone battery,” said Peter Llyod of the London Daily Mail.

Indeed, the state of love and marriage in today’s modern society is bad. It only gets worse with the fact that going out means meeting the same people over and over again with no new prospects on the horizon. Go out with your friends, hang out with your group only nothing new. Dating sites only lead to the wrong connection the wrong match and more tears and heartbreak.

Predators lurk online and off. It seems such a gigantic stretch of faith and so unlikely that anything worthwhile will ever show up on our doorstep. Why even bother?

This is a problem a great problem. A problem of not only one person or one group it’s a problem for society as a whole. This book explains and attempts to shed some light on this problem in detail.

The topics of:

Love: What makes good relationships, good marriages, divorce and marriage statistics, abortions, sex, virgins, etc…
Sex: Marriage rates, virgins, sluts, the sex question, men, reproduction, society as a jungle.
Money: The topic of money in relationships. Is money everything? What a partner looks for in a potential mate in addition to finances. Love is all you need.
Models: The topic of models and why men love them. What is a real modern woman’s clothing size?
The Old Way: How men of old were more respectful towards women and how in contrast the modern man acts completely different. Why this is and what we as women can do about it.
Luck: How come you are so pretty and smart but you are still not married? How important is luck in relationships and marriage?
Time: How time can make or break a relationship. How being patient is vital to the process of love and relationships.
Believe: How your beliefs can directly affect your chances and your choices.
Confidence: How being confident can dramatically improve your chances of finding love and improve your outlook on life as well. $0.99 on Kindle.

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