How I lost 160 lbs In 12 Months: The Amazing Baseline Weight Loss Program

How I lost 160Lbs In 12 Months  The Amazing Baseline Weight Loss Program

The Baseline Weight Loss Program is designed for anyone who needs to lose weight. I was 494 pounds, I needed to lose weight to have my hips replaced. I was so heavy I was unable to lay comfortably in my bed, I had to sleep in a chair. Weight loss was the only option for me. My family never judged me or call me fat. The shame was all on me. Using the Baseline Weight Loss Program, I was able to get rid of my personal shame and get my life back! You can too. No expensive foods to buy. No rude meeting to attend. No starving yourself. You can still have all your favorite meals. Go Baseline! The only thing you got to lose….The Weight !! $2.99 on Kindle.

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