Free: Understanding Fat

Fat is an organ, reducing your body fat begins with understanding how it functions. America has a growing obesity problem We have gone from a country with a population obesity of less than 14% (1960) to a population obesity of over 38% (2014). The impact on the health of America’s population has been devastating, with related increases in metabolic syndrome that include diabetes and high blood pressure. Reducing the amount of excess fat you’re carrying will not only make you look and feel b... [Read More...]

Grand Theft Weight Loss

Scientists outside the diet industry have discovered powerful ways of losing weight without telling anyone about it. For example, when brain researchers accidentally bumped into a technique that cuts hunger by 50% they didn’t publicize it because they were studying memory, not weight loss. The science archives are full of hidden gems like this. Grand Theft Weight Loss ‘steals’ the most important discoveries and shows us how they can be used to cut hunger, quit sugar, stop overeating, and ... [Read More...]

How I lost 160 lbs In 12 Months: The Amazing Baseline Weight Loss Program

The Baseline Weight Loss Program is designed for anyone who needs to lose weight. I was 494 pounds, I needed to lose weight to have my hips replaced. I was so heavy I was unable to lay comfortably in my bed, I had to sleep in a chair. Weight loss was the only option for me. My family never judged me or call me fat. The shame was all on me. Using the Baseline Weight Loss Program, I was able to get rid of my personal shame and get my life back! You can too. No expensive foods to buy. No rude meet... [Read More...]

20 Healthy Foods for Weight Loss

Are you unhappy looking at your body in the mirror? Have you tried everything, still unable to lose weight? Are you feeling awkward due to your belly fat? Do you want to look YOUNG, FIT and BEAUTIFUL? NO PROBLEM! Just include these 20 healthy foods and see the fantastic results of weight loss. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Weight Loss Motivation & 100 Weight Loss Tips

2 BOOKS IN 1 – DISCOVER WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW AND DO TO ACTUALLY STICK TO YOUR WEIGHT LOSE GOALS. Book 1 – Weight Loss Motivation: The Ultimate Motivation Guide These days, losing weight and staying healthy are no longer options. They are a must! However, there are too many barriers, both external and internal, that seemingly prevent people from losing weight, and when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, you sometimes become your own worst enemy. Book 2 – Weight Loss Tips: 100 Weight Loss Ti... [Read More...]

Decode The Secrets To Weight Loss

This is not your traditional “follow a restrictive meal plan” for incredible weight loss book. Instead, it provides you with various solutions that won’t just help you lose weight but will also completely transform your life into one that fills you with energy and long-lasting health. Everyone’s body is different, which means there is no one-way approach to manage your weight. Learning what works for your body and lifestyle will give you more freedom and confidence in your ab... [Read More...]

The Code of a Healthy Mind: Discover the Health Mindset and Start Living Your Healthiest and Happiest Life

If you need a companion for your health journey, then keep reading… She stumbles out of bed, and the thought of food enters her waking mind. As she gets ready for work, she catches a glance of herself in the mirror. A feeling of disgust overcomes her because she doesn’t look like that girl. Subsequently, she decides to stick to her coffee and a bite of pineapple spear. Throughout the morning, thoughts about food distract her from work. The image of her overweight body haunts her. Shame and ... [Read More...]

Decode The Secrets To Weight Loss

This is not your traditional “follow a restrictive meal plan” for incredible weight loss book. In Decode the Secret Codes to Weight Loss, you will learn: How to improve your relationship with food. How to find the right diet for your lifestyle. Effective strategies that will boost your weight loss results. The hidden culprits of weight gain. The one thing that will transform your weight loss journey (and it has nothing to do with food or exercise). ... [Read More...]

How I Stopped Being a Fatty (On the Outside)

In November 2012, Chris Wayne decided that he’d had enough of being fat. Since that day, Chris has lost over 50% of his peak weight (having lost 170 pounds) and has kept it off for the past 6 years. This book chronicles his weight loss journey from start until now, with the hope that others may be able to learn from his successes, as well as his failures. $1.49 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Intermittent Fasting: The Simplest Guide to Master all the Secrets of Fasting and Losing Weight with Intermittent + Alternate-Day+ and Extended Fasting

Do You Want To Lose Weight Easily And Live Healthy While Still Enjoying Your Favorite Food? If you’re sick of complex diets, calorie counting and tasteless food without reaching your desired goals, there’s an option for you! You should avoid dieting and only adopt INTERMITTENT FASTING, a groundbreaking weight loss program that will help you lose fat, cure your body and live healthy without giving up your favorite foods. Moving into an intermittent fasting lifestyle doesn’t all... [Read More...]