Free: The 7 Prerequisites to Success: Pathways to Paramount Performance

The King of Branding & Positioning, Shaan Rais, has come full force with his first book to inform us of the importance of understanding the importance of personal success first. Working with multiple clients over the last 15 years in the Executive Coaching/Branding/Leadership space, he has learned that some of us have more interior work to do, prior to obtaining external results. Hence, The 7 Prerequisites to Success was born. Shaan learned through his deep study of successful people, no ma... [Read More...]

Free: A Thin Veil: A Look at Life & Death Through Supernatural Experiences

You will be inspired and amazed by the unique spiritual experiences in this extraordinary memoir. It will confirm to you that there is indeed life after death. Death is not the end. If you are afraid of dying, you need to read this book! As the saying goes, you can’t make this stuff up! From open visions, dream visitations, a surprise visit from the other side, and more, it’s nearly impossible not to be influenced as you read this inspirational story. You will discover there is truly a thin... [Read More...]

Hormone Balance Plan and Cookbook

The simple approach that has helped millions of people take back their lives from chronic pain & illness. How a Plan-Based approach can reset your endocrine system, restore energy, and fix your metabolism. Discover: The hidden factors throwing off your hormones that you consume every day unknowingly; 7 Day Plant-Based Meal Plan w/21 Recipes; Tips & Tricks for an easier transition, EVEN IF you’re not so keen on eliminating meat & dairy; The 4 simple steps to target sources of pain ... [Read More...]

Free: Not One but Ten: Dodging Death and Finding Life After Years of Alcohol Abuse

The story of my journey through alcoholism and resulting cirrhosis. Outlines my success’s and failure as a regular guy and what I went through. ... [Read More...]

Authentic Selling: How to Use the Principles of Sales in Everyday Life

Whether you realize it or not, every day you are selling something. You might not consider yourself a salesperson and you might slam the door shut on the guy who comes to your house offering a widget. But from interpersonal relationships to job interviews to riffing about politics with your friends, life is a series of interactions involving the timeless skills of salesmanship. We often associate salesmanship with phoniness — used car dealers, telemarketers, snake oil salesmen — but in this... [Read More...]

Free: Reiki Healing & Chakra Balance

Are you feeling weak, ungrounded, and worried about your future? Would you like to reach full balance and harmony in your life? All of these blocks are a consequence of chakra imbalances, and by learning about Reiki and chakras, you can learn how to balance and release these blockages. Healing through reiki and the chakras can help bring peace, harmony, and prosperity to your life. ... [Read More...]

Free: Every Ending is a New Beginning: The Journey from Breaking Up to Moving On

Every Ending Is A New Beginning (The Journey from Breaking Up to Moving On) is a must-read for anyone who is dealing with the pain of a breakup or contemplating ending a relationship. Discover how to cope and move on after breakups by keeping things in perspective. Here’s what else you’re going to learn inside: •The three main reasons why couples break up •Why you should beware of trial separations •How to let go and move on •Why you should enact the “no contact rule” af... [Read More...]

Free: Strike 3: What To Do When The Game’s Over But Life Is Not

What do you do when everything you thought you were created for ends? The life you dreamed of and achieved is destroyed and gone, never to be lived again. Nobody prepares you for life when the sport, the job or the career ends. But what if that ending is the perfect the plan? What if it’s exactly the setup you need to pursue the greatest chapter of a life worth living for? Learn how I overcame the failure, the shame and pain in order to reinvent my life after the game ended. It’s ti... [Read More...]

Rebel’s Guide to Spirituality: What Does it Mean to Find Yourself as a Lost 20 Year Old – Spirituality for Badasses while Healing Your Inner Being

Have you ever felt lost? Like you’re not where you belong? All you know is that you’re not there. Don’t worry. In this new book, “Rebel’s Guide To Spirituality” you’ll go on a journey from lost 20-year-old to a spiritual powerhouse, able to manifest the life you love! No matter what age you are or where you’re at in you life. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]