Free: Tollerra: Master Your Energy Master Your Life

IF YOU COULD HAVE A LIFE FILLED WITH PURPOSE, ABUNDANCE, HAPPINESS AND JOY, WHAT WOULD IT BE LIKE? When you awaken your inner healer and align your energy with your soul’s purpose, life becomes transformational and extraordinary. Tollerra is the exciting and passionate result of Mary Ann Robbat’s two decades of work as a master energy healer, guide and coach. Combining the wisdom of ancient practices with innovative new techniques, Robbat has created a powerful catalyst for healing and tran... [Read More...]

Sound Healing For Beginners: Sonic Medicine for the Body, Chakra Rituals and What They Didn’t Tell You About Vibrational Energy

Always wanted to know how to help your body, mind, & spirit with sound, but it all sounded so complicated? Keep reading. Are you often bombarded with feelings of guilt, stress, or anxiety & exposed to noisy, polluted environments? These disharmonious frequencies pull our systems out of tune & we can start suffering from illness in mind & body. Want to say goodbye to all of the overwhelming sound healing info out there & discover what works for you? If so, you came to the rig... [Read More...]