The 15 Minute Plant-Based Diet: The Ultimate Cookbook With 600 Quick & Easy Recipes for Beginners. From Prep to Table in 15 Minutes or Less

Are you looking for the perfect cookbook that can help you with your Plant-based diet? No need to worry! We’ve got you covered. This cookbook is here to share all of the best Plant-based Diet recipes in a neat and easy-to-read way. So no matter what your dietary requirement, you will surely get along with every formula it contains. A plant-based diet is a popular diet among many people nowadays. It is because our bodies have rapidly evolved. Our ancestors’ diet includes many meat an... [Read More...]

Counteract the Fat: Discover how Fiber and Antioxidants can Counteract the Physiological Effects of Junk Foods

Many of us love junk foods. What we don’t love are the medical conditions & weight gain that they are associated with. Research findings made at various institutions indicate that fiber & antioxidants can counteract the physiological effects of junk foods. This does not mean that we can eat unlimited amounts of fat every day. What it does mean is that we can have greater freedom in making food choices. This book is a compilation of these research findings, providing cutting edge i... [Read More...]