The Hippocrates Method: Lose Weight, Change Your Eating Habits and Create A New Healthy Lifestyle

What is the Hippocrates Method? It’s a comprehensive program to help you create the best possible lifestyle for yourself. Step-by-step healthy habit building, sustainable weight loss, nutrition education, exercise motivation, emotional healing, intuitive awareness, and a lot more. It’s based on basic principles that Hippocrates established over 2500 years ago. These principles are still valid thousands of years later. We’ve added a few modern touches, but the basics are all th... [Read More...]

Counteract the Fat: Discover how Fiber and Antioxidants can Counteract the Physiological Effects of Junk Foods

Many of us love junk foods. What we don’t love are the medical conditions & weight gain that they are associated with. Research findings made at various institutions indicate that fiber & antioxidants can counteract the physiological effects of junk foods. This does not mean that we can eat unlimited amounts of fat every day. What it does mean is that we can have greater freedom in making food choices. This book is a compilation of these research findings, providing cutting edge i... [Read More...]