Free: Acts of Achievers: 4 Simple Self Help Habits That Will Change Your Life And Help You Create Success Faster

Have you ever admired success in others? Do you want to achieve your goals faster? This book is for you. This book is for everyone who struggles with self-doubt issues. It will teach you the skills, outcomes, and practices that will lead to your ultimate goal of finding your direction in life in a way that makes sense and with which you can associate. It is not some rambling generalized do-it-yourself guide that leads nowhere. In this book, you’ll discover: • How to find your purpose in lif... [Read More...]

Followership: Leading From Behind

Leadership and followership are two sides of the same coin. For leaders to function effectively, followers must also be efficient. This book is meant to celebrate the role of followers in effective leadership, as more often, followers are not recognized enough when leaders are celebrated. $4.15 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Onward: The Art of Leadership

Onward: The Art of Leadership reveals a new vision of leadership and success, tailored for 21st-century leaders and taught through the lens of literature, history, and cinema. On our adventure we’ll master public speaking with Winston Churchill. We’ll learn negotiation tactics from Nelson Mandela. Pixar will teach us the power of brand equity. We’ll plan our retirement years with Michael Corleone himself, and grow our wealth with Wall Street’s Gordon Gekko. We’ll s... [Read More...]