It Is What It Is, Because It Never Was, And What Never Was, Can Never Be

This book is based on the first part of my life written in the form of poetry. My poetry has feelings that are relatable, from the comfortable pleasures of a homemade meal, to the loneliness that arises when one feels like they don’t fit in the world around them. And the challenges that I have faced in my teenage years, the achievements I have made in early adulthood, and the unique situations I have faced on my walk to becoming an author. I hope this new writing style of poetry excites, ... [Read More...]

Third Eye Lucidity

You enter the universe through thought, a manifested portal, and each time you enter, it’s the same place but a new journey. The answers you seek you will not find, yet a new power will arise that you never could fathom, one that can’t be found but unlocked. Open your gift and show the present the true essence of who you are. Third Eye Lucidity is a collection of poetry and prose that promotes living positively and imparts balance and perspective for a tranquil and virtuous spirit. Volumes ... [Read More...]