Waking Up To Toxic People

Were you raised in a dysfunctional family environment? Do you find yourself trusting the wrong people again and again? Do you deny, rationalize, or minimize other people’s poor treatment of you? Therapist Neela Arnaud will help you to ‘wake up’ to the 16 primary traits of unhealthy, toxic people while encouraging self-reflection, self-love, and emotional self-care. [Book One in the Guided Journals for Adult Survivors series]. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Daily Self-Care for Women

As women, caring for ourselves can be challenging. Women are natural caretakers, but we often put the needs of others first and worry about our own needs later (if at all). Whether you’re a partner, a mother, a friend, or an executive, sometimes our desire to take on all of life’s responsibilities blinds us. Supporting your well-being is the first step to loving yourself and finding true happiness. Discover 101 ways to fill your self-care tool-belt. This book has 101 ways to fill your self-... [Read More...]

Free: The Little Self-Care Handbook

Today, you start taking care of you. The Little Self-Care Handbook takes you through six types of self-care, providing you with essential steps to recover and heal. Inside the book is a link to download a free workbook and journal, featuring helpful worksheets to help you proceed through your self-care journey. ... [Read More...]