An Introduction to the Self Salutation

An Introduction to the Self Salutation
Want to be able to quickly resolve your negative feelings so you can stay happy in any situation? Find yourself caught in a cycle of stress and anxiety? Feel like you aren’t good enough or won’t ever get the life you want?

There is a simple method to resolve negative emotions by understanding how they work and utilizing a the most effective mindfulness techniques to quickly get to the heart of the matter and put the negativity to rest. That process is called the Self Salutation.

Millions of people greet the rising sun each day with a yoga practice called the Sun Salutation. The stretches that make up the exercise contain the essence of yoga. In a similar way, the Self Salutation is a series of meditations that comprise the essence of mindfulness.

In meditation you learn to rise above the negative states like stress anxiety and depression. Helpful as such distance is, those challenges can return as soon as you step away from your cushion. In An Introduction to the Self Salutation, Simon Timm presents a method of meditation to process negative feelings so you can enjoy mindfulness after meditating.

An Introduction to the Self Salutation breaks down the nature of negative emotions in a clear and practical way. By reading it, you’ll gain a simple tool to dissolve negativity in your life so you can remain happy and peaceful regardless of the circumstances. In this book, you’ll learn:
* A simple 3-step process to dissolve negative emotions, even the nastiest of them
* The six main kinds of negative states to watch out for—and how to overcome each of them
* The single greatest method for resolving the most challenging emotions you confront
* Meditation scripts to help you overcome worry, fear, anxiety, anger, stress and other negative feelings
* How to bolster your positivity in a way that will make it less likely for you to succumb to negative feelings in the first place
* And much more! $0.99 on Kindle.

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