100 Days to Self-Love

100 Days to Self-LovePicking up this devotional is the first step to learning to love and accept yourself, just the way you are. Rebecca Glenski Coppage spent most of her life struggling to develop self-love. In the throes of an eating disorder and a bad relationship with food and her body, she finally decided to let go of her perfectionistic ways. Finding self-love wasn’t easy, but it was necessary in order to find joy. With the help of Christine Rupe, MS, LCPC, NCC, and Rebecca McConville, RD, LD, CSSD, CEDRD, she learned to treat her body with kindness and to love each and every part of herself. If you are like millions of other people, learning to love and respect your body can be a daily challenge. No matter where you fall on the self-love spectrum, this devotional is for you. With God’s love, some professional advice, and a lot of grace, you CAN feel positive about your body and the choices you make regarding it. You can learn to make healthy choices, use positive self-talk, and silence that inner voice that tells you “you aren’t good enough.” You can learn to embrace all the wonderful traits and characteristics that make you uniquely you. Join Rebecca on a 100-day odyssey toward the whole person you deserve to be. $4.99 on Kindle
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