Woman Unleashed: Release Your Story, Revive Your Hormones & Reclaim Your Freedom

Woman Unleashed: Release Your Story, Revive Your Hormones & Reclaim Your Freedom

Dr. Sonya Jensen has been working with women for over a decade, inspiring them to be the best versions of themselves and helping them gain freedom from the chains of society, their hormones, and the mantra that continuously plays in so many of their minds, “I’m not enough.” Dr. Jensen has made it clear that healing hormones isn’t just a job for the physical body but the heart, mind, and even the soul.

The experiences a woman has from the womb onward, dictate her thoughts and beliefs about herself and life. These beliefs, in turn, dictate the actions and communication pathways of her hormones, creating her personality and, therefore, creating her life. Dr. Jensen details the science behind hormones and the wisdom behind womanhood, illustrating how the dance between the two makes way for either a woman’s healing or her suffering.

This book will take you on a journey of self-discovery as you learn more about your hormones and yourself.

In Woman Unleashed, you will:

• Gain a deeper understanding of each hormone and the roles they play throughout your lifetime
• Discover how stress, trauma, and your childhood experiences shape your hormone blueprint
• Understand the reasons why your hormones are causing chaos in your body and life
• Find solutions to balancing your hormones, from dietary suggestions to self-awareness practices
• Practice meditations and yoga sets to help you along the way
• Learn everything you need to know to gain freedom from hormonal symptoms and what steps you can take to decode your unique hormonal story

With this book by your side, you will tap into your innate wisdom that has been longing to help you live a healthier and more joyful life. Discover the power your body has and the freedom you deserve!  $0.99 on Kindle

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