Woman Unleashed: Release Your Story, Revive Your Hormones & Reclaim Your Freedom

Dr. Sonya Jensen has been working with women for over a decade, inspiring them to be the best versions of themselves and helping them gain freedom from the chains of society, their hormones, and the mantra that continuously plays in so many of their minds, “I’m not enough.” Dr. Jensen has made it clear that healing hormones isn’t just a job for the physical body but the heart, mind, and even the soul. The experiences a woman has from the womb onward, dictate her thoughts and bel... [Read More...]

Free: From Broken to Breakthrough

Jason has over 20 years in the wellness industry, and during this time he has developed unique sacred geometry techniques for understanding and transforming our inherently ‘stuck points’. From one-to-one client sessions to building a personal development academy, Jason explains his unique processes using real life examples. He provides the reader with a taste of the practical tools used in the Wellness Breakthrough Academy, to free themselves from self-imposed barriers and break thr... [Read More...]

Open Secret: A Giant Leap to Success, Prosperity, and Peace

Success is a state of mind. Mental and physical health and personal development go hand in hand. Discover the simple but surprising algorithm that helps you free yourself from all shackles, prompting a shift in perspective and attitudes, and take a bold step on the path to the Best Life. Ashraf Qazi lives and is a renowned oncologist surgeon in Kashmir, the most militarized conflict zone in the world. Open Secret is the story of the author’s own successful experience in such difficult cir... [Read More...]

Free: Life and Cupcakes

I write. I write about how I feel. Not yesterday, not last month, I write about how I feel right now. Most of the time, it’s about my feelings. I always thought that I am different because I was over-emotional. And when it didn’t feel right expressing them in the real world, writing about them felt okay. The pages did not judge me. And very slowly they started giving me answers too. The book is the compilation of those answers. Answers that help me heal and find a way whenever I am ... [Read More...]