Success Through Subconscious Mastery

A life well lived is one that embraces change and aspires to reach new heights! Change means growth. Growth happens when we recognize the time is right and we put forth the effort. In Success Through Subconscious Mastery, Ausra Cerniauskiene, CHt, provides a roadmap for using the power of hypnotherapy as the foundation for achieving your goals and reaching your dreams. Inside, you will find: Inspiration Motivation Tips and techniques to help you on your journey Reality checks Stories that will ... [Read More...]

The Personal Freedom Manifesto

‘The Personal Freedom Manifesto’ answers a question fundamental to all entrepreneurs, dreamers and world changers. How can I turn my desire for a greater life into a reality? It’s based on author, Joe Barnes’s, 15 years working as a hypnotherapist and coach, seminars he runs on making a living from your passion and little-known research that exposes the faults in conventional thinking. If you enjoyed books like ‘The Power of your Subconscious Mind’ or ‘... [Read More...]