Perseverance Power Strategies

Stop giving up on yourself and your goals. Achieving anything worthwhile takes perseverance. Luckily, it’s not that hard to overcome difficulty and discouragement. You can learn simple, powerful strategies that help you stay committed to your goals and finish what you start. You can make a habit of persisting with purpose. Tough challenges present us with tough choices. If we persist, there may be pain, frustration, and failure. If we don’t, we face the regret of having added one more t... [Read More...]

Open Secret: A Giant Leap to Success, Prosperity, and Peace

Success is a state of mind. Mental and physical health and personal development go hand in hand. Discover the simple but surprising algorithm that helps you free yourself from all shackles, prompting a shift in perspective and attitudes, and take a bold step on the path to the Best Life. Ashraf Qazi lives and is a renowned oncologist surgeon in Kashmir, the most militarized conflict zone in the world. Open Secret is the story of the author’s own successful experience in such difficult cir... [Read More...]