Armor Your Mind: Master Mental Resilience in the Face of Adversity & Conquer Your Ambitions with Confidence

Being Unhappy Is A Choice: Discover How To Stop Sabotaging Yourself and Build Mental Resilience. Do you often feel like you’ve been dealt a bad hand in life? You crave peace and wish you could get up when the world wants you to give up, but you don’t know how to do it? If this happens frequently, you might be one step away from sinking deep into misery and self-loathing. Or perhaps, you’re already there. Here’s the thing though: there’s no such thing as perpetual unhappiness. Being un... [Read More...]

haBITS: Change Your Mindset One Byte at a Time: How to Encode Good Habits and Decode Bad Ones

You’re too busy! You want to take control and make a change. You’re fed up with your _________ habit. Your fast-paced life commands your attention. You don’t have time to master your habits, much less read a self-help book packed with unproven theories and anecdotal stories. This surprising reality is at the core of the inspiring book, haBITS: CHANGE YOUR MINDSET ONE BYTE AT A TIME. HOW TO ENCODE GOOD HABITS AND DECODE BAD ONES. Developed by renowned leadership and development coach Ava R... [Read More...]

Naked with the Enneagram: A Powerfully Accurate, no-BS Journey into Your Unique Personality Type

Who am I? Why do I keep making the same mistakes? How can I make my relationships better and what happened in the ones that didn’t work out? Why I connect better with certain people? What makes myself and other people happy? The Enneagram has the answers. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Somatic Therapy Book: Healing After The Loss Of A Spouse

Have you recently experienced the loss of your spouse, and that has left you shattered and chaotic? Losing someone and the grief that follows can be physically and emotionally painful. Every feeling you have while grieving is as unique as a fingerprint and it is valid. Join others who have embraced this journey and developed coping mechanisms. Dear reader, you are not alone! ... [Read More...]

The Journey of Discovering Inner Peace

This book can help you become the author of your life by understanding and rewriting your story and healing your emotional pain. This book also assists you in getting a better understanding of why you are in pain and some suggestions on how to transcend your suffering and find inner peace by changing conscious thinking, understanding and changing subconscious beliefs, clearing trauma that is stored within the body and energetically detaching from subconscious programs that are preventing self-a... [Read More...]

How to Talk to Anyone About Any Topic: Master Small Talk, Make Real Friends, Understand Self Confidence and Develop Deep Relationships

The ability to talk to anyone about anything is an extraordinary skill to possess. Did you know that mastering or improving upon this skill can tremendously help you open more opportunities in all areas of your life? It can help widen your social circle, lead to the discovery of finding an intimate partner and can even help you open the door to more business opportunities or to help you start a new career. How to Talk to Anyone About Anything: Master Small Talk, Make Real Friends, Understand Se... [Read More...]

Assertive Communication: The Effective Guide to Communicate, Develop Deeper Relationships, Understand Self Confidence and Learn How to Improve Your Social Intelligence

Assertive Communication is a compelling read that teaches you everything you need to know about communicating, developing deeper relationships, understanding self-confidence and learning how to improve your social intelligence so you can relate better and build authentic relationships in all facets of your life. Have you ever wondered why no one wants to listen to you? Do you envy a friend that everyone enjoys listening to and paying absolute attention to? It’s no rocket science. They kn... [Read More...]

263 Ways To Start A Conversation: Powerful Topic Starters to Talk to Anyone, Make Real Friends, and Establish Stronger Connections

Do you find it hard or difficult to start a conversation? Do you often find yourself in awkward social situations that you don’t know how to get out off? Can it be a struggle to keep a conversation flowing? It’s normal. Most people struggle with social interaction! That’s why I wrote this book. 263 Ways to Start a Conversation is a powerful book filled with unique and unordinary conversation starters and incredible techniques to keep a conversation flowing. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]